Nava Ruthfield - Seated with Tank small.

Nava is a 14-year-old actor in Seattle, Washington, with professional & regional theater, film, commercial, and voiceover credits. 

Nava played Matilda in the West Coast Premiere of Matilda the Musical at Village Theatre, winning the Gregory People's Choice Award for Best Performer in a Musical, and has been in two world premieres (Black Beauty, written by James Still, and The Flight Before Xmas, written by Maggie Lee). Nava played Scout to To Kill a Mockingbird in 2018. Nava's done voiceover work for Amazon, Zulily, and others.

Nava's solo show, 357 Days, debuted at Macha Theatre Works in February 2021.

"Young Scout (Nava Ruthfield) gave an exceptional performance delivering her lines and hitting her marks like a pro. In constant motion and the focus of our attention for a large portion of the play, Ruthfield exhibited a professionalism rarely seen in one so young." --My Edmonds News